I am a harlot.

This picture has nothing to do with the post, but isn’t it pretty?!

Now before you freak out (yes, I mean you mom), keep reading. Today, I want to focus on the story of Hosea with you. In case you haven’t read, or need a refresher, here is a very short summary: a very godly man, Hosea, is called by the Lord to marry a prostitute named Gomer. She runs from him, but Hosea keeps returning to her with love.

There’s so much more to the story, but you can explore and discover that on your own. Also, a quick side note. Don’t be praying for a Hosea now in your life, ya thirsty kids. This isn’t what the story is primarily about.

But yes. I am a harlot. And so are you.

You read correctly. No need to look back and check. You. Are. A. Harlot.

We are just like Gomer. Maybe not in certain ways, but we are. We run. We fight. We sin.

This book of the Bible is a beautiful representation of the Lord and us. God calls Hosea to marry a woman of whoredom (oh no, a bad word!), and Hosea obeys. He marries a woman, knowing she will not be faithful to him and she will not really love him the way he loves her. Wow, sounds like either a heartbreaking story or a great lifetime movie. But Hosea still chooses Gomer. He still returns. He still loves her. He doesn’t throw a fit. He is patient and loving.

Christ is patient and loving. We run from Him, and we push Him away just as Gomer did. We are unfaithful. We are not loyal. We are not worthy. But He still chooses us. He holds us regardless. He loves us regardless. Hosea is not as much a story about Hosea as it is about Christ’s redemptive love and His relentless pursuit of those who are undeserving.

Don’t ever read this story and judge Gomer. Don’t read this story just focusing on how sinful Gomer is. Here’s a quick thought for you:

“Before we can condemn Gomer, we need to view ourselves as unfaithful brides to our Groom.”

When I read that quote above, my heart sank. I am an unfaithful bride. I am unfaithful. I don’t deserve love from the Lord, but He chooses me. And I am thankful He does.

We will live in sin every day. We will run faster. We will pursue heartbreak. But we are pursued by a joyful Groom who doesn’t give up on us. His anger burns over our unfaithfulness, but His love and forgiveness is greater. We cannot truly rejoice in the fullness of the redemptive love of Christ if we don’t acknowledge how lost we are. And we are really lost. But luckily, our Love is waiting for our return. Just as Hosea. Just as the prodigal son’s father. He waits.

Stop running from your Groom! He loves you, and oh, how strong that love is. He’s waiting. Come home.

“By the help of your God, return.” Hosea 12:6

In Christ,


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