Your Esther Moment

This could be youresther moment

I’m not very brave. I lost sleep recently because I watched the trailer for the new scary movie “Lights Out” (and yes, I slept with my lights on a few nights in a row, ok?). I’ll run from the bathroom to my room whenever I turn the lights off in my living room. I’m just not a courageous person, by any means. Imagine how this carries over into my regular life. I’m scared of so many things, like disappointing others, sticking up for myself, or rejection. I’m basically Scooby-Doo. I’ll put on a tough front, but in the end, I end up running away and eating a sandwich somewhere.

A couple days ago, I began to journey through the book of Esther again. Talk about a book that shouts bravery. This book is full of examples of being brave and being patiently obedient (something else I struggle with).

You can honestly read through Esther quickly. It’s a short book, and it’s easy to breeze through it during your devotion time. But boy, is it so rich?! I’ve read through it for three days now, piece by piece allowing the Lord to speak to me. He’s talking loud and clear, too. So as your friend (yeah, I think of you as my friend. Someone start playing that song from Toy Story right now), I want to share my heart. I want to show you what I’ve been learning these past few days. Maybe you’ll relate or know someone who can relate right now. But let’s talk a bit.

1.Approach each situation with bravery like Esther

I think this is what Esther is most known for: her courage. This girl freaking goes before the King, which could result in her losing her life, to save her people, the Jews. But she is bold and goes.We should be admiring and replicating this every single day.

You might not be in a situation where you’re married to a king and you could be killed for going to him (or maybe you are, I won’t jump to conclusions), but we will all have an Esther moment or two or three or four. You get the picture. A moment of complete and crazy bravery where we are so passionate about something, we cannot help but stand up.

We should look at every mountain in our life and say, “this could be my Esther moment.”

Esther was willing to risk her life. She was so passionate about something that she said, “to me, this is worth it.”

Are you passionate enough about something to say the same thing?

Have you ever heard this quote? “You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.” I love this. As you’re having your Esther moment of completely ridiculous bravery, others get to witness. They get to experience your strength and your courage, but most importantly, they get to experience your God.

A moment of bravery, like Esther had, is not just for yourself. It’s also to showcase what a powerful and strong God we serve. 

Esther 4:14 is a killer verse. It wrecks me so much. Mordecai is telling Esther about slimeball Haman’s plot to destroy the Jews. He looks at her and says, “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.” Wow. Wow. Wow.

You have been given a purpose in this very moment to be brave like Esther. Your Creator knows you by name and knows what you were created to do. Approach every trial and situation with this mindset and with the armor of Christ, and you’ll be able to move mountains.

2. Learn to have patient obedience

This is hard for me. If I don’t get my way right then and there, I’m annoyed. Some might call me spoiled, and I would say they’re absolutely right. I’m not a patient person. Esther demonstrates the complete opposite action I usually take.

Esther approaches the King (remember that whole brave thing? That’s this part of the story.). Instead of immediately revealing the plot to kill her people, she asks the King and Haman to dinner. Okay, Esther. Wait. You had an opportunity. Why didn’t you take it? She was patient and knew the timing wasn’t right.

So she brings them to her feast, and he asks for her request once more. She tells them to come back another night for another feast. Are you kidding me, Esther? Another shot, ruined.

If I was in this story, I would have done it quick. Ripped the band-aid off. Get it over with. Don’t draw it out. Remember when I said I struggle with patience? Or to be honest, I would have struggled with doing anything at all. I don’t like confrontation, especially when my life is on the line (that’s yet to happen to me, but I assume I won’t like it).

But Esther waits for the time to be right, and then takes action.

What are you impatient about? Mine is finding a guy. I’m one of those girls. I see everyone dating and getting married and I binge watch Netflix in my pajamas. I’m waiting. I’m waiting. And I’m still waiting.

Something I’m learning is to say “no” because I know I deserve better. My worth doesn’t lie in the fact that I’m very single. It lies in my Maker’s hands. But I’m just rambling now. The point is, sometimes we have to not only be obedient, but we have to be patient and obedient. Two of the hardest things, rolled into one. Oh, goody.

My roommate said this to me while I ranted about a boy and I think about it so much: “The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.”

Would the story have been different if Esther just straight up told the King? Maybe, I don’t know that for sure so I won’t make any claims. But I will say that God was so evident in this story, you cannot ignore the idea that He had His timing in place, and Esther was obedient enough to wait until the time was right.

In my journal last week, I wrote “His time, not mine” probably 25 times. I wrote until I believed it. I wrote and declared that I would be patient enough to say this only once with full confidence. But for now, my voice shakes when I do. We must grow stronger in the waiting process. Whether you’re waiting for a guy or a job or any opportunity. Patience, patience, patience.

Friends, let’s pray for two things today (and every day really):

  1. For ridiculous bravery, that mimics Esther’s and relies solely on the Lord’s strength
  2. For the ability to not only be obedient, but to also be patient as the time arises

The book of Esther was not written by mistake. Allow yourself to see the clear fingerprints of God across every word. And please please please do not forget: “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.”


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